Tile patterned carpets are among the favorite products of recent times.

Carpet has a very important place in Turkish society. Because there are many elements reflected by carpets. After choosing the floor and wall color, you can decide more easily about the carpet color and pattern, and it will be easier to combine curtains and other fabric textile products that will take place in the space after the carpet is selected. Carpet, background curtain seat harmony It is absolutely necessary for a home decoration. The harmony of this trio shows that there is a unity in the space. Tile patterned carpets It is among the favorite products of recent times.

Color and Pattern Selection in Decoration

When decorating a living space, color and pattern choices are the most important factor determining the style and quality of the space. People prefer designs that reflect themes such as comfort and peace in their living space. Especially if a decision has been made on color or patterns for a space, carpet selections should be a priority among the choices to be made for the space.

Tile Patterned Carpets

From time to time, you may be unsure whether the carpet you choose should have patterned or solid colors, for example, for living spaces where natural colors are dominant, vibrant solid color carpet models can provide integrity in decoration. If you are looking for different textures that will make a difference in decoration, it has attracted a lot of attention in recent years and brought traditional handicrafts to homes. tile patterned rugs You can make a difference in the space. With these carpets, you can both reflect your different style and add tradition to the environment you use.

How Tile Patterned Carpets Are Used In Decoration?

Tile patterned carpet models You can get a great difference and charm in living spaces, in fact, if we explain in more detail, carpet models with different textures and patterns have both advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages of patterned carpets with different textures can create in decoration, for example, patterned carpets with color tones that are not compatible with the space will lead to a crowded and incompatible appearance in the space. In addition, carpets with patterns that are incompatible with the color and pattern choices of the space disrupt the floor visual and create an excessive piece of air. 2019 carpet models Tile patterned carpets have started to come to the fore. You should choose the carpets that fit the most for your home instead of just taking it for fashion and providing an incompatible and rough look.

Another disadvantage is that, in general, when choosing carpets after all items are purchased, when you want to use tile patterned carpets, you should choose furniture that is suitable for your carpet. In other words, if the system works the other way around, only harmony can be achieved.

Advantages of Tile Patterned Carpets

If we talk about its advantages, cut pile carpets designed from natural materials among patterned carpet models with different textures provide both a long-term use and easy use. Rugs with longer piles are designs that can be preferred for living spaces, as felt-style or shaggy carpet models with similar different textures add depth to the space.

In general, carpet designs that have attracted attention in recent years have patterns reflecting naturalness and referring to nature. Earth and sea-looking carpet models create a more relaxing and serene effect in decoration. Gray and brown tones are among the most preferred colors on the floor, and soft and pastel colored carpet models that have made a big break in the last few years are among the popular designs that give a comfortable and peaceful look in living spaces.

Tile Patterned Carpets

Traditional handicrafts now adorn carpet designs, we can say that tile patterned carpets have attracted great interest in recent years, ready-made, fabricated output carpets as well as tile pure wool carpets can be preferred as a different approach to decoration.

Hand weaving tile patterned rugs It is among the designs that can be preferred by those who want to add a special and different value to their living spaces. A unique beauty that emerges as a result of the interpretation of Iznik tile motifs with a Turkish knot. Hand woven tile patterned rugs 100% wool hand woven, beige, brown, gray and other colored tones are dominant. Tile patterns are preferred in the patterns of these special carpets, and they are designs with a flour-lasting and useful structure. In order to give these unique hand-woven carpets the value they deserve, halls with large areas should be preferred first. Even the stories of these rugs, which are very different from machine-made carpets, are worthy of respect.

Tile Patterned Carpets

Tile Patterned Carpets Compatible with Accessories

When you use these rugs, you can only display the carpet without using accessories such as coffee tables etc. You will understand the difference of these carpets much better when you step on them with special ropes and knots.

Tile patterned carpet models 2019 They are among the popular carpet models that mostly adorn classic and avant-garde style decorations in their season, tile carpets can be used comfortably in either the living room or the guest room. Apart from wide designs, you can consider tile carpets with narrow dimensions as entrance rugs or runners. After determining the locations, you will definitely find a carpet that appeals to you.

We leave you alone with the most beautiful 2016 tile patterned carpet models, where you can add a traditional texture to the decoration with the special tile patterns in the multi designs we have chosen for you in our gallery.

Tile Patterned Carpet Models

Trend tile patterned rugs will make your carpets attract attention along with the furniture in your place. In terms of its patterns, it will reveal an extremely stylish appearance compared to plain and patternless carpets due to its special appearance.

Tile Patterned Carpet Models

In tile patterned carpets, you can find dozens of different tile patterns in slices of an average of 10 centimeters, and you can find models that attract attention with this structure. Especially in works done on a single pattern, for the overall carpet, the general working process is carried out in a much more specific way. Many different colors, including turquoise, blue, navy blue, yellow, orange, emerald green, white and black, can be used together.