Retro Room Accessories

Retro style items are distinguished from other style items by the material or colors they are produced. While walnut wood or wood material is generally used, upholstery fabrics are generally velvet fabric. Also, chrome, hard plastic or fiberglass materials are used in the materials of retro style items, especially in accessory production materials. In addition, bright and vivid colors are used in accessories.

Retro Accessory Ideas 2020

Retro style items and especially accessories add a different atmosphere to the decoration, while making the decoration lively and impressive. Examples of these are colorful paintings, printed or patterned cushions, patterned wallpapers, retro accessories and decorative products. While patterns and colors come to the fore in retro style decorations, accessories and products in geometric patterns are mostly preferred in patterns. In addition, wooden details are of great importance in retro style decorations.

Metal paintings, accessories made of wood details or walnut wood, checkered products with geometric patterns, contrast colored pieces with the harmony of contrasting colors are used in retro style decorations. What is important in retro style decorations is to be able to combine these pieces in the right way and with colors.

Retro Accessory Ideas

The most preferred colors in retro style decorations are vibrant and energetic colors, especially in accessories. In this style, a lot of pink color and its shades, especially fuchsia color, is given a lot. Fuchsia includes mint, forest, petrol green, denim blue from shades of green, mustard and saffron yellow from shades of yellow. Along with these colors, different colors that will adapt to these colors are also used in retro style decorations.

In particular, the colors used with these colors are black, white, wood and metal colors. Since there is a lot of vivid and energetic colors in retro style decorations, it is very important to have a balance between these colors.

2020 Retro Accessories Types

Lighting, which is an accessory in retro style decorations, considering both the need and the decorative feature, has a separate importance in the style. When considered as lighting and accessories, floor lamps and lampshades are very important in retro style decorations.

Lamps, which are generally produced with three-legged wood and one of the bright colors, are among the most preferred lighting in this style. In chandeliers, colorful and wide chandelier models that attract attention are preferred. These chandelier models, which are evocative to the old, are very compatible with the retro style, but are also seen as a good lighting tool.

Retro Accessories Types 2020

What Is Retro Style Decoration

Retro style decoration can be called the combination of old and new by integrating old used or worn items into today’s decoration. It is possible to complete a decoration by blending the retro style, which is mostly used with modern decoration, with other styles. Generally, it is used in simple style furniture in retro style decorations where colors come to the fore along with old style items.

Generally, when we say retro style items, the items used in the 1950s and 1990s are the items that find their way into decorations today. Retro style decorations, which have been frequently preferred recently, are the use of items that were very popular in the old times, especially between the 1950s and 1990s, in today’s decorations.

Retro Accessories

Vivid colors and comfortable furniture stand out in retro style decorations. However, when decorating retro style, combining all retro style items does not reflect a correct decoration style. It is extremely important that the items are compatible with each other and the colors match each other.