Mondi Furniture Reviews

Mondi furniture continues to take its place in your homes with its various and different products. It brings to the fore the ease of use with its products that have functional functions in a very modern style, along with furniture suitable for almost every style and every home.

Mondi Young Room Furniture

The materials used for the Sunset youth room, which is included in the youth room sets produced by the Mondi brand, are produced with materials that do not contain carcinogenic substances that are friendly to human health in E1 standards. At the same time, a special compartment has been produced for the work table. The woods used in the set are made of wood that does not harm health.

Mondi Bedroom Sets

Again, high feet are used to facilitate cleaning of the furniture in the set. The set is designed as a three-door wardrobe, dresser, bedside table, bookcase, desk. There are also three different headboards. It is produced as a 90 cap, a hundred and a 20 cap, and you can choose the cap that suits your needs.

2020 Mondi Bedroom

Another youth room set produced by Mondi furniture is Lavin youth room set. Lavin youth room set is designed in white and gray color. Daily cleaning is facilitated by applying high legs in natural wood color. With the cover stopping system, both ease of use is provided and its service life is extended. Materials that do not contain human health friendly carcinogenic substances are used in E1 standards. There are two different wardrobe models in the set.

Mondi Bedroom 2020

There is both a three-door wardrobe and a sliding door wardrobe model. Again, mirrors are placed on the doors in both wardrobe models. It is possible to choose the wardrobe model you need. The set includes a wardrobe, a dresser, a bedside table, a children’s desk, a desk top, and a bed headboard. There are also three different models among the titles.

Mondi Dining Room Furniture

There are dozens of different models and styles among dining room sets. It is very difficult to find the one that suits your dining room and style. First of all, you should consider the width and height of your dining room. When you buy a small dining room set in large and large stores, it is very likely to be big for your room. For this, you should measure your room size while purchasing your dining room. You should also choose a dining room suite that fits the spirit of your home decoration and fits into the walls of your dining room.

Mondi Bedroom

Modern or classic dining room sets, which we often see among dining room sets, can be enriched with accessories. In addition, wooden models that have come to the fore recently, bear the traces of modern and rustic lines. You can get an idea by visiting the stores and website of Mondi furniture, which is modern and trendy among dining room manufacturers, which adapt to the latest fashion.

Mondi Sofa Sets

Alvina dining room set, one of the newly released dining room sets of Mondi furniture, is produced with human health friendly E1 standards that do not contain carcinogenic substances. In addition, Alvina dining room set is produced with high legs to facilitate daily cleaning. There is a cutlery compartment in order to increase the functionality of the product. In addition, it has the feature of an opening table considering the convenience of use and the width and narrowness of the dining room.

The woods in the dining room set are wood that do not harm health. In order to minimize home accidents, the durability of the glasses has been increased as a tempered glass system. The set includes showcase, silverware, console, console mirror, a 204 × 76,5 cm extendable table, 206 × 90 cm extendable table, 36,5x 92 cm dining chair, 49 × 91,5 cm dining chair and there are marquise. You can create your own team with the products you choose.