Modalife Furniture Reviews

Modalife, which has maintained its presence in the sector for many years, serves its customers by introducing its products both on its website and its stores. It is possible to find almost all the furniture you may need in a house such as living room set, sitting group, corner sofa sets, bedroom furniture, dining room and youth room in Modalife furniture with different styles, models, colors and varieties.

Yeni Modalife Sofa Sets

Modalife furniture visually adds elegance and a modern look to the interiors where furniture is used, as well as offering ease of use to the users with its comfortable and comfortable products that also have different functional functions.

Modalife Corner Set Furniture

Bianco corner sofa, which is among the corner sofas produced by Modalife, meets its buyers with color alternatives. It is possible to choose the color option you want for Bianco corner sofa, which has rose, green, beige and blue color alternatives. The corner sofa, which has functional and functional features, has the feature of being both a chest function and a bed by creating extra storage space.

2020 Modalife Sofa Sets

One of the biggest problems of small and narrow spaces, which we call dead spaces, useless spaces mostly occur in the part between the seat and the wall. The Bianco corner seat, on the other hand, does not have any dead space, thanks to its zero-wall mechanism. In order to facilitate cleaning, the foot height of the corner seat, which is produced with a foot higher than the ground, is 10 cm. At the same time, it has handles connected from right and left to the casing section.

It is produced with a soft touch fabric. The fabric feature used in the seat upholstery is again an easy-to-clean fabric to facilitate cleaning. The warranty period of the product is 24 months.

Modalife Sofa Sets 2020

Modalife also produces corner sofas for small and narrow houses in a more minimal and modern style. One of them is the European corner set. There are four different color options for the product. As a color alternative, it is possible to choose from burgundy, green, cream and gray colors. The European corner set with high workmanship has asymmetrical sewing details specific to the set.

Modalife Sofa Sets

For the durability of the sewing, high-tech sewing machines were used and the velor thread was applied. It is possible to combine the European corner sofa, which has a plain and plain design, with different colors. The European corner sofa set is produced with a high leg to facilitate cleaning, and at the same time, it is desired to extend its service life, and measures have been taken against heavy loads thanks to its hidden legs.

Modalife Sofa Set Models

Again, with the aim of extending the service life, all support points of the seat frame in material quality are made of plywood and the weight points are made of metal box profile. Cutting operations of the product were made on CNC machines. 320 gr / m2 in the reclining area of ​​the triple section of the European corner sofa set2nd Imported nubuck effect fabrics produced with bronzing technology with soft fabric touch are applied.

Modalife Wedding Package Furniture

Modalife provides a great opportunity to many newly married people with its special wedding packages. The European wedding package, which is one of the wedding packages of Modalife furniture for newly married couples, includes a sofa set, bedroom set and dining room set. The modules in the sofa set are 3+ 3+ 1. The dining room suite includes a dining table and 6 chairs. The bedroom set includes a wardrobe, dresser, bed headboard and two bedside tables. All products in the wedding package are resistant to scratches and friction and can be easily wiped in terms of cleaning comfort.