Koçtaş Furniture Reviews

Koçtaş does not only produce home furniture, but also produces garden furniture, office and office furniture, as well as many furniture you are looking for and need in home furniture, with different price alternatives, different material quality, functional and functional features, different color range and different styles and models.

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Considering the furniture needed in the house, Koçtaş has a wide range of products. In addition to the bedroom sets produced for bedrooms, there are also wardrobes, bedsteads, bed headboards, dressers, jewelry and accessory cabinets, bed base and beds that you can buy. Again for the living room, there are armchairs and sofas, television unit and coffee tables, bookcases, kitchen tables and chairs, shelves in different and creative styles where you can put your decorative accessories. Considering the home section, Koçtaş also produces different styles of furniture for the entrance area. It produces coat hangers and decorative hangers, shoe rack models, multi-purpose cabinets as well as furniture accessories. Considering young and children’s rooms as well, Koçtaş produces highly functional and fun furniture for young people and children. It produces baby room sets for young people and baby cradles for babies. You can find these products, which you can find in different styles and models, as well as the furniture that suits you with different price alternatives. It also manufactures bedside tables, computers and study tables, office chairs and chairs, and gaming chairs, as well as teen room sets and baby cradles for young and children.

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In addition to furniture production, Koçtaş offers all the products needed as home, workplace, office or garden to its customers. You can also find products such as lighting, hardware, accessories, white goods, power tools on Koçtaş website and stores.

Fashion Furniture Colors of This Year

In addition to the fixed colors that never go out of fashion in sofa colors, which we are used to seeing different colors together every season, sofa sets with colorful or patterned bergers have become quite fashionable.

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Among the fashionable sofa set colors of this year, the blue and tones that we are used to see are frequently used. The combination of suede sofa fabric with blue and gray colors has enabled the sofa set to have a rich appearance. It is also possible to see that shades of gray are used together. The plum color, which we are used to seeing in the flamboyant halls, is among the very trendy colors this year. The elegance and showiness of black, both in modern style with wood and in classic style with gold colors, are still valid this year.

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Triple color combinations for large living rooms are also very trendy this year. For example, beige, khaki and mustard harmony complementary pillows add vitality and excitement to the living room. While the one-color combination, which we are used to seeing in corner sets, is getting old, it becomes fashionable to combine it with patterned fabrics or berjers in different and vibrant colors.

It is possible to see pink and its tones, which are the reflection of the romantic style, in sofa sets this year. Pink colors that can be combined with beige, cream or white are among the color combinations preferred by newly married couples. For those looking for a pretentious color, you can combine the sofa sets produced in red and tones by adding beige color.

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If you want to bring different colors together in your seating group, you can combine it with anthracite color yellow or purple. When the combination of these two colors, which has a very striking appearance, is completed with accessories, you will catch the modern style with more.