Kelebek Furniture Reviews

Kelebek Furniture offers both color and model alternatives with its furniture produced in different styles. In addition, it can appeal to almost every pocket and budget with different price options. With the increasing interest in decoration, different styles and lines have also become fashionable. Kelebek Furniture produces furniture models that are compatible with many different styles that will never go out of fashion and can be used for many years, together with the products it produces with the passion of fashion.

Kelebek Sofa Sets

Kelebek Seating Group Furniture

Dia corner set produced by Kelebek Furniture is a corner jewelry that should be preferred by those who want a minimal elegance in the living room. The Dia corner set, which has the feature of being a bed with the pouffe in the corner set, also increases the energy of the sitting area with its rich throw pillows. The legs of the corner set are designed as walnut color details with wooden look. At the same time, a durable wooden and metal profile frame is used, considering the ease of use and service life. The set includes Dia corner seat, Dia puff and Dia berjer. You can buy the whole set or you can buy whatever you want as separate parts. While the suit has a soft fabric texture, a non-harmful sponge is used as a sponge.

2020 Kelebek Sofa Set

Another corner set of Kelebek furniture is Orion corner set. Again, like the Dia corner set, a modern minimal style corner sofa set was designed. Comfort and convenience are also considered in the corner set, which has functional functions. The Orion corner sofa set, which is ideal for small sized houses, has fine and elegant details in the arm section. There are also pulling details on the back. The Orion corner sofa set, which has a very modern and stylish appearance, has colorful pillows.

Kelebek Sofa Set 2020

Dining room sets are offered to buyers in a wide variety and style. Kelebek Mobilya, one of the dining room set manufacturers, also tries to appeal to every segment of its customers by producing dining room sets in different styles and styles. It also aims to be suitable for every budget with different price tags. It aims at an extra purchasing power with the end-of-term discounts and promotional products in certain periods of the year. You can easily examine the furniture you will buy for your dining room from butterfly furniture stores or from the website and get an idea. Kelebek Mobilya offers its customers the chance to examine its customers with two new dining room sets and thirteen dining room sets in total.

Kelebek Dining Room Set Furniture

The Levena Dining Room Set and Vanensi Dining Room Set, two new dining room sets of Kelebek Furniture, are published on the website with discounted prices.

Kelebek Sofa Set

Levena Dining Room Set appeals to the post-modern understanding that is becoming widespread today. You can create your own set by choosing the pieces you want in this dining room set yourself. The set includes a console, fixed table marble, 160 × 95 cm extension table, 150 × 95 cm extension table, Levana console mirror, Levana table chairs.

Butterfly Corner Sets

Another new dining room set of Kelebek Furniture, Vanensi dining room set consists of a console, a fixed marble table, a 160 × 90 cm extendable table, a 65 cm console mirror, a 45 cm console mirror and dining table chairs. In the same way, you can create your own team by taking the pieces you want. Kelebek Furniture aims to add elegance to your dining room by designing the Vanensi dining room set with assertive lines. It is designed with the combination of a walnut frame with softened edges and a glossy marble surface.