Istikbal Corner Set Models

Istikbal Furniture, one of the furniture manufacturer brands, produces almost every household item you need at home, as well as corner sets in different styles, models and colors.

2020 Orleon Corner Set

One of the corner sets produced by Istikbal, and the newly designed corner set is Lauren corner set. This sofa set, produced in line with the modern style, is designed close to the floor. In addition, both the back cushion and the pillow structure are extremely comfortable and bring comfort to your home. The armchair produced in the set is offered to the buyers as two different alternatives. The colors of the armchairs, one with wooden frame and the other in regular style, are cream and red.

In addition, İstikbal offers fabric alternatives and offers a choice of Parker and Laupery fabric options for those who want furniture. For the corner set, which has a soft fabric texture, easy-to-wipe fabrics are used, considering the comfort of cleaning. The set includes a single seat, berjer, corner seat and mini corner seat. Lauren corner set, which is 100% domestic production, has a very modern and stylish appearance.

Orleon Corner Set

In the corner sets of Istikbal furniture, there are also corner sets with a box function, which can be a bed. The Troy corner set, in which pink tones are used, has the feature of being both a box function and a bed. At the same time, the Troy corner set, which is produced with easy-to-wipe fabric, is one hundred percent domestic production. The leather details used in the set are also easily erasable. Troy corner set is not only produced in pink tones, but also has different color alternatives.

Elizya Corner Set 2020

Sole corner set is among the reclining corner sets of Istikbal furniture. This set is designed in burgundy color and has the feature of wipeable fabric. It also has a chest function by creating extra storage space. Again, with a soft fabric texture, the set has the feature of being a bed.

Santa corner set is among the corner sets in the modern line produced by Istikbal furniture. With its design being blunt and eared, it has a very comfortable and comfortable structure. On the arm edges, details such as buttons and pullers are provided to have a stylish design.

There are high feet under the corner seat to facilitate cleaning. The Santa corner set, which can be wiped leather and fabric, also has the feature of being a bed.

Corner Set Usage Areas

Corner sets are generally used in places such as sitting areas, but also in offices or waiting areas in workplaces. Corner sets, which are produced in both classical and modern styles, are also produced in different style lines.

Elizya Corner Set

Corner sets have a wide range of colors. Generally, it is suitable for use in places where comfortable sitting areas are desired, and corner seats are also used in small living areas such as residence or studio.

Corner sets used in the living room in small-sized houses have a very comfortable and modern appearance in the living areas of large and large houses. At this point, it would be more correct to choose a corner seat depending on the size or smallness of the area it is used in.

Baron Corner Set 2020

The reason why corner sofa sets have an ideal area of ​​use in small homes is that they can be produced in small sizes and do not cover large areas such as sofa sets. In addition, large and large models of corner sofa sets can be found in the living areas of large and large houses.