How to Install a Chandelier?

After newly purchased chandelier products how to attach the chandelier The question is commonly asked. In order to install the chandelier that is directly connected to the electricity, it is necessary to take safety first. So first you need to turn off the electrical fuse. Apart from that, you should carefully read the descriptions on the chandelier product, which is taken in parts, and combine the pieces.

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In order to hang chandeliers safely and correctly in the house or in different structures, first of all, attention should be paid to the type of chandeliers. There are hanging models among the chandeliers produced for lighting purposes in recent years. If the chandeliers you have bought are hanging models, the installation process can be done without any problems. However, in order to attach the chandeliers attached to the wall, which is one of the other older models, the hanging apparatus must first be attached.

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How to Install a Chandelier? Detail…

Wire Connection Process to Install the Chandelier

Chandeliers produced by various brands in different sizes and color options also have special designs. However, during the production of chandeliers, blue, yellow and red colors are generally used in the cable part.

The most important question for new home decoration starts with how should the chandelier be chosen?

how to attach the chandelier

With the chandelier cable to be attached to the ceiling, we need to connect the electrical cables in the ceiling. In this process, it is absolutely necessary to turn off the fuses for building and human safety. In the cables in the electrical installations on the ceiling, there are generally two same and one different color. In the cable connection process, you need to connect the yellow cable in the chandelier and the different colored cable in the ceiling. Then you need to connect the remaining cables in the ceiling and in the chandelier.chandelier suit shape

There is no significance in connecting the remaining cables. So you can connect the remaining cables without color discrimination. In some cases the number of cables coming from the ceiling is two. In this case, take care to combine the yellow cable in the chandelier with the different cable on the ceiling. Finally, firmly connect the cables you have connected with specially produced electrical tape. For chandeliers without hanging brackets, it is important to install hanging brackets first.chandelier suit shape

Installation of Chandelier Bracket Apparatus

Progressing in accordance with the new world order, technology reveals different productions for home or different building decorations. Chandeliers used in the old years were generally produced as an adhesive to the wall. However, today’s hanging bracket products enable chandeliers to be used lower than the wall. At the same time, the suspension apparatus, which provides the privilege of easier replacement, are produced in various colors. People who want to install a chandelier with a hanging bracket on their own should take the size of the area they will wear.chandelier suit shape,

How to Measure Suspension Bracket?

To get the size of the hanging bracket, it is sufficient to take a mark around the apparatus with a pen. After the measurement taken with this process, you need to drill the place you marked with the help of a drill. Installing dowels into the area you have drilled allows the apparatus to hang more to attach the chandelier

You can also install the dowels with the hammer. After these operations, insert the screws in the chandelier package to the hanging brackets and fix them with a screwdriver or a cordless drill. As a result of these procedures, the hanging apparatus installation process will be completed. You can end the process by connecting the cables after the chandelier installation process.

The Importance of Fastening in Chandelier Installation

It is very important to download the electrical fuse and install chandeliers using special devices. However, apart from these, it is an extremely necessary detail in fixing the products to the ceiling while installing the chandelier. It is sufficient to use a cordless screwdriver or a rechargeable drill for this process, which is necessary to prevent it from falling and to be used without problems for many years.

After fixing the screws in the chandelier, you need to install the appropriate light bulbs. Make sure that the fuses are closed during the bulb installation process, just as in the chandelier installation process. Finally, you can open the electrical fuses and try the lighting power of your new chandelier.

The question of how the living room chandeliers should be, has an important place in today’s decoration trends.

How To Wear The Hat Of The Chandelier With Hat?

In order for the hat to be suitable for use with the hat chandelier types, it must first be removed from the lower part. After that, the socket will be exposed and depending on which bulb you have chosen, you will be able to insert the right bulb into the socket.

How To Wear The Hat Of The Chandelier With Hat?

These hats, which allow the spread of both colors and patterns for lighting throughout the room, are extremely easy to change and clean. It should be held by the bottom or side areas and turned with the other hand. Since some models have the opportunity to go up and down, when you push the unattached hats to lift them up, they can come out instantly because they are not fixed.