How Should Chandelier Selection Be?

The most important question for the new home decoration begins with how to choose a chandelier.

The room should be a lighting object according to your taste and harmony with your furniture, especially the width. First, the common thought of women is to consider buying a flashy chandelier in the Hall. Although it creates a perfect decoration for some, it consists of an exhausting image for some. Therefore, priority energy conservation should be considered.

The chandelier that you will use in your living space should also contribute to keeping the cost of lighting low. Attention should be paid to the availability of sufficient light bulb housing on the chandelier. You should try to choose chandeliers with TSE stamp in terms of family members and your health. The subject of which part of your house you will buy depends entirely on your lifestyle. Here are the details of the question of how to choose a chandelier…

How Should Chandelier Selection Be?

Because you like it, it’s not right to hang every chandelier you buy where you want it. Due to the size of the chandelier, the rate of light emission or its design, there are certain considerations. The brightest place in your home is the hall or the entrance. These areas are also not flashy, simple, but you should choose models where the light is well spread. In the same way, it is another part of the kitchen that should be bright. But 2 chandeliers can also be preferred according to the size and shape of the kitchen.

Usually medium size and glass chandeliers are ideal for kitchen. In the evening, you can choose a chandelier according to your taste in the living rooms, which have a relaxation area. But if your furniture is simple, stone and glass models will not be very suitable. You can choose long chandeliers that are more positioned close to the ceiling.

The hall is a place where you will welcome your guests, so it is the place where the lighting should be the best. In addition to the lighting criteria, women also want the chandelier to be easy to clean. If you want an easy-to-clean chandelier, you may need to eliminate models with too many stones and long stalactites. There should also be a chandelier model that highlights the sofa set.

The chandelier to be selected for the dining room set allows you to recreate an area. A simple and modern chandelier with a suitable light level that leaves even dark furniture in the background should be preferred. It is also possible to make use of Wall appliques to support the chandelier.

As an answer to the question of how to choose a chandelier today, we can call chandeliers, where stone, mirror and glass materials are often used. But there are problems with both cleaning and weight and transport. For this reason, chandeliers using wood and wood materials are preferred from the last trains. Wooden chandeliers, which are more suitable for the bedroom and study room, create a dim environment.

Wooden chandeliers are suitable for you if you are people who use the living room to watch movies. LED chandeliers, which are the favorite of the last period in terms of energy saving, also save lives. Lighting that uses wood material fixed to the ceiling is ideal for corridors. It will provide enough light for you to move more comfortably at night.

Chandeliers With The Identity Of The Rooms

The first step of design is always furniture and curtains. But chandelier models are the ones that reflect and reveal the design. Chandeliers of your choice for special areas should be suitable for long-term use.

When we say how the choice of chandeliers should be, we can say that those made of hygienic, economical and environmentally friendly materials should be preferred, especially for children and children’s rooms. For babies who are uncomfortable with excess light, medium-sized chandeliers are enough to create a slightly bright and dim space.

How To Make A Rope Chandelier?

There are many different methods for making chandeliers out of rope, among these methods, you can like what is suitable for you and get the necessary materials to work if you want…

Children should choose chandeliers that will light up the playground well, but will not tire the eyes. Medium brightness sconces and ceiling lighting will be more suitable in your bathrooms and dressing rooms. Chandeliers made of moisture and moisture resistant material caused by the fact that the bathroom is closed are ideal.

In home decoration and among the items needed, the first place is undoubtedly chandeliers. The chandeliers, which are both a great decorating agent and are needed for lighting, are located in stores with thousands of different varieties. So, what should be considered when buying a chandelier?

What To Look For When Buying Chandeliers

The first point to be considered when choosing a chandelier should choose a model suitable for the size of the room. Since the living room chandelier is not the same size as the living room chandelier, the chandeliers should not be the same size. You should choose light chandeliers around it, so it will be brighter and you will get 35% brighter light.