Hallway Decoration

The entrance area, which is the first entrance to the house in home decorations, is where home decoration begins. If you prefer a modern decoration, the doorway items you will buy should also be in a modern style. Otherwise, you can disrupt the integrity of the house and create an uproar.

As each furniture you use in the house has a different language, it should reflect a single identity when you look at the whole. This identity also shows your style.

Entrance Decor Idea 2020

For the decoration of the hall, the manufacturing companies produce decorative carpets, mats, shoe stands, hangers, coat racks and accessories that can appeal to different styles. Entrances that you need to decorate according to the narrowness or width of your entrance area are one of the important areas of decoration.

Entrance Decor Types

Among the entrance furniture you should buy according to the width of your hall, coat stands are the first. If you do not have enough space, you can meet your needs with decorative shoe rack and hanger models.

Decorative Items to be Used in Hallway Decoration

Coat stands, which are generally positioned in the entrance area of ​​the door entrances, should contribute to the decoration. The coat rack model you will purchase should form a whole with your door shape, wallpaper or wall paint, floor, carpet and accessories. Do not forget that you are meeting the person entering your house first here. So all ideas about your home are first formed here.

Entrance Decor Types 2020

If decoration is important to you, the coat rack model you choose is a home furniture that you cannot miss. You can choose decorative-style coat stands, as well as functional-based coat stands that we call magic coat rack. These magical coat racks, which are generally produced in two different styles, appeal to the modern or classic style. You can choose ordinary coat racks with a low perception of unprocessed decoration if you have a house on a normal basis, or if you care about decoration elegance, you can take a few touches on them.

Entrance Decor Idea

Magic coat rack models are the most convenient coat rack models. If cleaning is important to you, you can choose pedestal models among pedestal and non-pedestal models. However, if your house is narrow and flat, it is useful to choose footless models. Because the footed area will create an extra dead space, reducing the height of your home and causing a narrowing in the area of ​​use.

Shoe racks are household items that welcome us as soon as we enter the house. Therefore, you should not neglect to show your decoration taste in your shoe racks. Different shoe rack models and styles are produced. Decorative shoe models are preferred in houses that are narrow for cloakrooms or in houses without door and wall widths.

Among the decorative shoe racks, the shoe racks with the sitting area give a stylish look to your door entrance in terms of color and style. You can find shelf and cover options as well as open models without cover. Among other shoe rack models, there are rack system shoe rack models where you can place your single shoes, sliding cover shoe rack models, and drawer cover shoe rack models. If you want, you can place a mirror on your decorative shoe rack.

2020 Entrance Decor Types

Among the accessory models for use, the shoe rack is one of the important home decoration pieces. The carpet, accessories, cloakroom or shoe rack that welcomes you and your guests at the entrance of your home should also be useful enough to reflect your style. With the houses that have shrunk recently, shoe cabinets have been preferred instead of cloakrooms. The lack of sufficient space between the door and the wall causes shoe racks to be preferred.

In addition to the shoe cabinets appealing to the style, they should also be useful in order not to experience a shortage of space. Among the useful shoe racks, the models with shelves and sliding doors can provide you with the storage space you want, as well as provide you comfort during opening and closing of the doors. In addition, layered shoe rack models also provide ease of use. You can have your shoes made in any size and color you want.