Furniture Reviews

Furniture, which has become very important in home decoration, is presented to buyers with different styles and designs by manufacturers. Along with many companies producing furniture, we have made some reviews for you about some of the most known ones. Furniture has different designs and styles, as well as functional and functional features and material quality.

Istikbal Furniture Reviews

Living room decoration is both enjoyable and should be paid attention to. It is also necessary to pay attention to the decoration of the living room, as it is the place where family members living in the house spend the most time and see each other by chatting. Living room decoration should be geared towards the taste and style of family members. In this way, the quality of the time they spend in the living room both increases and becomes more enjoyable. Istikbal Furniture not only produces furniture for living room decoration, but also meets all furniture needs of your home with a wide range of products.

Istikbal Dining Room

Bellona Furniture Reviews

Erciyes Anadolu Holding, which said hello to business life in Kayseri in 1957, has become one of the pioneers of the furniture industry along with many other sectors. It produces bedroom, dining room, youth room, baby room, sofa sofa set and chairs within the brand.

Bellona Bedroom

Continuing to grow within Erciyes Anadolu Holding, Bellona entered the sector rapidly in 1995 and started production in 1996. It has become the giant of the sector, leaving behind its peers with its current production capacity in the furniture sector.

Mondi Furniture Reviews

While home decoration can be designed separately for each room of the house, it should reflect the whole and your style when the whole house is considered. While creating the spirit and character of the house, every area and every detail of the house is extremely important. Furniture to be used in home decoration is also an area that should be considered in this regard. Considering that home furniture brings family members together, it should be decorated with a spacious and pleasant style. You can easily choose the comfortable and comfortable furniture of Mondi furniture for yourself and your family.

Mondi Sofa Set

Modalife Furniture Reviews

In Modalife furniture, it is possible to find an answer to all the needs of your home. Modalife, which aims to take its place in your homes with its wide range of products and products that can appeal to every budget and every home type, produces functional and functional products for small houses. For example, L sofa set models are available in Modalife with a wide range of products. You can have the stylish designs of the corner sofas, which are preferred by narrow and small houses, in either classic or modern style by examining them at Modalife.

Modalife Dining Room Set

Enza Home Furniture Reviews

Enza Home designs seating groups aiming at both elegance and comfort in the living space. It is very easy to find stylish models with the most suitable options for your style. In addition, Enza Home, which appeals to every segment with its different prices, offers sofa sets to everyone. Enza Home, which produces highly functional and functional furniture, can meet your needs with different product groups depending on the size or smallness of your home.

Çetmen Furniture Reviews

The increasing interest in decoration today causes the fashion to change very quickly while opening the door to new styles. Household items are also losing their interest in this changing fashion adventure and starting to age in style. When purchasing home furniture, furniture that adapts to every style should be bought by considering the ever-changing fashion and styles. For this, buying seats that do not reflect a certain style and create style by integrating with the accessories used will be more beneficial both for your economy and for the appearance of the interior. There are furniture that Çetmen furniture designed according to every fashion and can be integrated with different styles. You can buy furniture according to your needs and your home from Çetmen stores.

Kelebek Furniture Reviews

Kelebek Mobilya tries to appeal to every segment of its customers by producing furniture sets in different styles and different styles. It also aims to be suitable for every budget with different price tags. It aims at an extra purchasing power with the end-of-term discounts and promotional products in certain periods of the year. You can easily examine the furniture you will buy for your home from the stores of Kelebek Furniture or from the website and get an idea.

Koçtaş Furniture Reviews

Furniture, which is one of the most important items for your home, is produced in various models according to your taste and it is possible to find hundreds of colors. Ideal for your home is to buy a furniture in a color that you can match with your other items. If you are someone who changes the decoration of the house frequently, it would be better to choose furniture in fixed shades.

Koçtaş Library 2020

Recently, the most preferred colors in furniture are dark colors due to their ease of use and easy cleaning. In addition, dark colors are colors that you can easily choose in your home in terms of decoration and adapt to your style. For example, anthracite and black colors are the most preferred colors in modern decoration. Or, by choosing beige and gray tones, you can match with dark accessories. Koçtaş, which produces products that will never go out of fashion, also closely follows the fashion of the period. In Koçtaş stores, it is possible to find all the furniture and accessories you are looking for from the garden, to the workplace and the office, from the office to the house. In addition, it is ready to take its place in your homes with different price tags and a wide range of products that can almost always be on the campaign.

Konfor Furniture Reviews

In home furniture, where we are used to seeing different colors together every season, colorful or patterned home furniture sets have become quite fashionable in addition to the fixed colors that never go out of fashion.

Among the colors of this year’s fashion home furniture set, the blue and its tones, which we are used to seeing, are frequently used. The combination of suede sofa fabric with blue and gray colors has enabled the sofa set to have a rich appearance. It is also possible to see that shades of gray are used together. The plum color, which we are used to seeing in the flamboyant halls, is among the very trendy colors this year. The elegance and showiness of black, both in modern style with wood and in classic style with gold colors, are still valid this year. You can get an idea for the products of Konfor furniture, which closely follows the fashion and brings a different and flamboyant atmosphere in our homes with its very stylish designs, by examining the products from the Konfor stores or from the website. You can also follow Konfor furniture to benefit from campaigns and discounts at certain times of the year.

Alfemo Furniture Reviews

Alfemo furniture aims to enter every home with its furniture with different designs and styles produced with models of baby, kids and teenagers, living room, living room and bedroom and dining room. In addition, with the price differences between its products, it is suitable for every pocket and budget, and provides advantages to its customers with campaigns and discounts at certain periods of the year. It can also appeal to those who want a simple or colorful decoration style with its furniture produced in accordance with modern, classic, country, Scandinavian styles.