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The textile products of the English Home company, which does not only include classical English details, also have a wide product range supported by country details. English home bedspread It has an important place among these textile products, affecting the decoration features of your bedroom.

English Home Romantic Bedspreads The textile products and colors you choose for bedroom decoration create great effects both visually and psychologically.

English Home Bed Cover Features

English home bedspread It basically offers you two different options as multi-purpose cover and bedspread set. Multi-purpose cover is preferred for its practical use and convenience in daily use. Multi-purpose bedspreads are generally used on both sides. Thanks to this use, you will be saved from the trouble of searching the straight and the reverse.

Bed Cover = English Home

English Home Bed Cover

English Home Bed Cover

English home bedspread There are two different options of the multi-purpose bedspread in the series, single and single. The size that suits you among these options will be a great choice for daily use and decoration. Single multi-purpose bedspreads have dimensions of 160 × 220 cm. These sizes are generally ideal for 150 × 200 beds. Double multi-purpose covers are offered in two sizes. One of these dimensions is 160 × 220 cm. This size is generally preferred for double beds of 150 × 200 size. You have a larger bed size English home bedspread You should prefer the 200 × 220 cm product of the series.

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We would like to state that English home multi-purpose bedspread fabrics have micro fiber fabric. This fabric is a type of fabric that you can safely use in summer and winter. The color and shape of your furniture also play an important role in your selection of these bedspreads, where you have many color alternatives from rose to purple, from salmon to lilac.

If your bedroom is a large and bright space, it would be better to choose a bedspread with vivid colors for you. Thanks to the vibrant colors, you can have a high-energy room decoration. For small and narrow bedrooms, opting for light colored bedspreads will be the right choice in terms of making the space look wide and awakening the feeling of spaciousness.

Why English Home Bed Cover

English home bedspread Bedspread sets in the product range have basically two different sizes as single and double sets. Single bedspread sets are also produced in 160 × 240 and 240 × 260 cm sizes. Apart from that, you also have the chance to choose 160 × 250 and 240 × 250 sizes. The product has varying dimensions. You can choose according to your bed size.

English home bedspread sets are produced with different fabric types. Thus, you can choose the appropriate type of fabrics for the season. Thanks to the bedspread sets produced with polyester, cotton and their mixtures in different proportions, the mood of your bedroom will change considerably. also English home bedspread We would like to point out that there are many pattern alternatives in their sets. You can create the decoration of your bedroom in different styles thanks to the bedspread models that attract attention with designs in different seasons. Different fabric options with knit, colt, cover qualities English home bedspread is another reason you choose their team.

There are three main factors that determine the bedding quality. These are weaving density, material used and workmanship. Imbalances in these three parameters directly affect the service life and quality of the mattress cover. English home bedspread Its production is made in accordance with certain standards. We would like to say that the products produced by English home, which is an important company in textiles, are produced with quality materials and workmanship. We observe that the errors that may occur during the production phase of the products you have purchased and which have overlooked the quality control are generally corrected by the customer representatives.