Especially those who prepare their homes for winter decoration

Blanket models are undoubtedly the most popular textile products in winter. As you know the fashion trends of each season are different, warm, 3d printed blankets are the most popular designs this season. Knitted blankets and 100% wool designs that never go out of fashion are the most popular blanket models of the winter months. Especially winter decoration Those who prepare their homes for living rooms have already begun to include knitted blankets and knee blankets for the decoration.

Blankets differ according to their material and function as in every textile product, in general, trend blanket models are diversified as knee blankets, electric blankets, knitted blankets, baby blankets and single and double. With the arrival of cold weather, 2015-2016 decorative blankets are among the most frequently used textile products in bedroom, children’s room and living room decoration.

 You can examine the designs we have chosen among 2019 knee blanket models with hundreds of different models and color options in our gallery.

New season warm blankets

Now, knee blankets are indispensable parts for living room decoration. Knee blankets will create a decorative style with designs suitable for your living room with designs that should be right next to you during evening seating, as well as different and elegant patterns.

Likewise, knitted blankets, which attract as much attention as knee blankets, are among the most preferred designs both in the children’s room and in the bedroom this winter. Color and movement can be added to these areas with many different knitted blanket models. In addition to classic and plain knits, we will frequently see modern patterns with vivid colors this season.

How to wash the blanket?

As with every textile product, there are some points to be considered in washing.

Things to consider when washing blankets;

  • Synthetic and cotton blankets should be washed at 30 to 60 degrees.
  • For non-wool blankets, delicate programs should be selected and washed.
  • For other blanket models, a delicate program at 40 degrees should be preferred.

To wash a blanket by hand;

If you want to wash the blankets by hand, you can add a few spoons of ammonia to the soapy water you have prepared. You can get a cleaner result with ammonia water.

Knitting Blanket Patterns

Knitting Blanket Patterns

Blankets are products that keep us warm in cold weather and are also a great decoration accessory. Especially different styles of blanket models are among the favorite accessories of recent times. Winter decoration When it comes to the subject, blankets are of course among the first options that come to mind. We have encountered frequently lately knitting blanket patterns if; They are very attractive accessories for women.

Knitted blankets; Containing wonderful patterns in its content; They are accessories with different and beautiful textures. Therefore winter decoration When it comes to it, it comes across as a great option. These products are fully handcrafted and eye-catching; It emerges as another reason why it is valuable. Although knitted blankets are considered as accessories specific to winter months, they are products that can be used in almost every season. Because the thinness of the threads from which knitted blankets are knitted, these accessories can be used in spring and summer.

Knitting Blanket Patterns

Zigzag Patterned Blanket Models

Since the blanket models are supported with different patterns, it is possible to have much more useful and stylish blankets. When it comes to patterned blanket models; It is possible to encounter blanket accessories in a modern style. That looks like 2019 will mark Zigzag patterned blanket patternsIt is produced from fine yarn or mercerized yarns. Thanks to the zigzag patterned motifs, it is possible to define blankets as a much more elegant decoration material.

Knitting Blanket Patterns

Blanket models have become an important part of decoration. Considered among seat accessories, blankets are one of the tools we most need to keep warm in winter. You can make your blanket yourself in the color and pattern you want, as well as machine-made handmade blanket models. Wool blanket models provide a stylish look on sofa tops in modern decoration due to their thickness and can be used as a nice warming tool.

Knitting Blanket Patterns

You can buy knitted blanket models from all stores with home and living groups, or you can easily buy them online. Knitted blanket models do not have a specific style and they do not have a specific price. You can find knitted blankets that appeal to every segment in the style and price you want.