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Kelebek Furniture offers both color and model alternatives with its corner set furniture produced in different styles. In addition, it can appeal to almost every pocket and budget with different price options.

Kelebek Furniture Corner Set Models Detail

Dia corner set produced by Kelebek Furniture is a corner jewelry that should be preferred by those who want a minimal elegance in the living room. The Dia corner set, which has the feature of being a bed with the pouffe in the corner set, also increases the energy of the sitting area with its rich throw pillows. The legs of the corner set are designed as walnut color details with wooden look. At the same time, a durable wooden and metal profile frame is used, considering the ease of use and service life.

Kelebek Furniture Corner Set Models New

In addition, 30 DNS high comfort sponge was used, considering the comfort of the session. The set includes Dia corner seat, Dia puff and Dia berjer. You can buy the whole set or you can buy whatever you want as separate parts. While the suit has a soft fabric texture, a non-harmful sponge is used as a sponge. In addition, high feet are used in easily wipeable fabrics and products, considering the convenience of cleaning.

2020 Kelebek Furniture Corner Set Models

Another corner set of Kelebek furniture is Orion corner set. Again, like the Dia corner set, a modern minimal style corner sofa set was designed. Comfort and convenience are also considered in the corner set, which has functional functions.

The Orion corner sofa set, which is ideal for small sized houses, has fine and elegant details in the arm section. There are also pulling details on the back. The Orion corner sofa set, which has a very modern and stylish appearance, has colorful pillows.

The corner sofa set newly released by Kelebek Furniture is Marino corner sofa jewelry. There are patterned cushions in the sofa set, which is dominated by blue colors. Modern style is dominant in the corner sofa set, which is also designed in a minimal style.

Kelebek Furniture Corner Set Models 2020

Ideal for those who love a simple decoration, the Marino corner sofa set has both functional features and is extremely useful and comfortable. The Marino corner sofa set, which can be a double bed, has movable mechanisms. At the same time, the Marino corner sofa set, which offers a large storage area, also has a chest function.

Kelebek Large Corner Sets

In addition to the corner sets produced by Kelebek Furniture in a minimal style and modern style for small spaces, there are also corner sets produced for large and large spaces.

Minolia corner set, one of the corner sets produced by Kelebek Furniture for large spaces, can be used either for small spaces or for large and large spaces. The Minolia corner set, whose width and length you can decide, is highly functional. It is also possible to create different combinations with U and C forms in the Minolia corner sofa set, which has an infinite module feature.

Kelebek Furniture Corner Set Models

In addition, you can make the combination you can create with or without a stand. With 4 cm 24 DNS hyper sponge wrapped on Extra soft 35 DNS sponge, the extra comfort puff module has the feature of both reaching out and being a continuation of the corner. The pieces you can choose in the set are Minolia double module, Minolia left arm, Josephine right without Minolia stand, Minolia single module without stand, Minolia single module, Minolia corner module, Minolia coffee table Josephine right, Minolia coffee table Josephine left, Minolia puff, Minolia arm pieces. You can decide the length and combination of your corner set by choosing the number of module parts you want.